We operate under a team structure so you receive a consistent and cost effective service.

Company Secretarial & Governance Advisory

Being a company secretary means more than correctly completing forms.

As a governance professional, the company secretary is at the heart of how a business is run. This independent officer is responsible for the transparent disclosure of information amongst stakeholders. This facilitates informed decision making.

Ensuring that your procedures enable you to meet your governance obligations is one of our core competencies.

How can we help?

Company Matters practitioners can:

  • be appointed as your outsourced company secretary
  • be appointed as a contract company secretary
  • provide "whitelabel" company secretarial support
  • provide independent advice on governance related matters.

What can we help with?

ASX, Other Regulatory and Governance Advisory

  • providing advice regarding ASX Listing Rules, including continuous and periodic disclosure
  • providing Corporations Act advice and other regulatory advice
  • providing general corporate governance advice
  • drafting corporate governance materials such as charters, policies and the corporate governance statement
  • administering the constitution and other core governing documentation
  • establishing a subsidiary governance framework
  • providing Corporations Act and other regulatory advice
  • undertaking board performance evaluations and reviews
  • providing support regarding director tenure and rotation

Board of Directors Advisory

  • advising on items for board and committee consideration
  • drafting company secretarial contributions to board and committee papers
  • collating and distributing board and committee papers
  • attending board and committee meetings and producing minutes and matters arising from those meetings
  • drafting circular resolutions, subsidiary minutes and authorisations under delegation
  • providing independent advice regarding directors’ and officers’ duties
  • drafting director appointment letters and advising on appointment processes

Member Advisory

  • assisting with annual reporting requirements
  • drafting notices of meeting
  • managing member meetings
  • liaising with the share registry on member matters (eg distributions, corporate actions)
  • preparing board skills matrix

HR Advisory

  • employee equity plan design (NB drafting of equity plan documentation is part of our Legal Service capabilities)
  • providing independent advice to remuneration & nomination committees
  • drafting remuneration reports
  • drafting employment/remuneration related policies


  • attending to tasks typically performed by a company secretary

You’re listed - what now?

Company Matters has been fortunate to assist many clients since either prior to or upon ASX admission. As such, we are very familiar with what clients will experience in their first year post listing.

We have extensive experience in guiding and supporting boards and management of newly ASX-listed entities traverse the post IPO landscape as they adjust to the increased reporting and regulatory environment.