We tailor solutions to suit our clients.

As a specialist team of company secretaries and governance advisors, Company Matters is often approached to second its team for periods from one week through to one year. We tailor solutions to suit our clients - our team can either work with the client at the client's offices or from our offices and be dedicated either part-time or full-time to the one client.

For clients - if you are interested in learning more about how Company Matters can assist you during peak periods or to cover an unforeseen vacancy in your secretariat team, please contact us.

For practitioners - if you are interested in being considered for a future secondee role with one of Company Matters' clients, please send your CV to us on Any successful candidate must complete appropriate pre-employment screening and reference checks as determined by Company Matters. Please also refer to our Privacy Policy.

You’re listed - what now?

Company Matters has been fortunate to assist many clients since either prior to or upon ASX admission. As such, we are very familiar with what clients will experience in their first year post listing.

We have extensive experience in guiding and supporting boards and management of newly ASX-listed entities traverse the post IPO landscape as they adjust to the increased reporting and regulatory environment.