It is no coincidence that our services are complementary.

Our Business Strategy

Our initial blue print was to bridge the service gap between the limited company secretarial service providers and M&A focussed corporate law firms. A comprehensive offering within a boutique law firm was unique when we opened our doors in March 2006. Our deep governance capabilities gleaned from in-house and prior consulting experiences was distinctive and well respected from day one.

Following the appointment of dedicated resources, our corporate administration services are now offered as a stand-alone solution or part of a complete company secretarial package.

The more recent addition of a chief financial officer component now completes our suite of services.

It is no coincidence that our services are complementary.

Company Matters is a part of MUFG Corporate Markets, a division of MUFG Pension & Market Services.

You’re listed - what now?

Company Matters has been fortunate to assist many clients since either prior to or upon ASX admission. As such, we are very familiar with what clients will experience in their first year post listing.

We have extensive experience in guiding and supporting boards and management of newly ASX-listed entities traverse the post IPO landscape as they adjust to the increased reporting and regulatory environment.