Our Services

At Company Matters, we operate under a team structure. This means you will receive a consistent and cost effective service from us. Each of our practitioners has a specialised discipline and specific areas of professional interest.

Each and every one of our clients are very important to us. Many are longstanding relationships. Our clients are big and small. Public and private. They operate in many different sectors, across the globe and in emerging markets. We advise boards, directors and management alike. As our client, you will benefit from the extent of Company Matters' reach and our market currency.

You may need assistance with a specific project. Or for a defined term. On a temporary or permanent basis. Your needs will most likely change over time. You may just want an independent opinion. You may not even know what all of your requirements are. We will work with you. In every sense.

If you take comfort in the fact that we have grown from word of mouth and do what we know very well, then choose Company Matters.

You’re listed - what now?

Company Matters has been fortunate to assist many clients since either prior to or upon ASX admission. As such, we are very familiar with what clients will experience in their first year post listing.

We have extensive experience in guiding and supporting boards and management of newly ASX-listed entities traverse the post IPO landscape as they adjust to the increased reporting and regulatory environment.